• Frazer Hines was Jamie McCrimmon on Doctor Who. He has been in more episodes (117) of the series than any actor other than four Doctors.  Frazer will be joining us in Cardiff for Sunday night for a ‘meet and greet’, dinner and Q&A.  Then, on Monday morning, he’ll accompany us to ‘The Doctor Who Experience’.
  • Andrew Cartmel is a noted author and journalist, whose ‘Who experience’ started as script editor in the late 80’s, and culminated in the book ‘Script Doctor’, about his time working with the series.  Cartmel is also noted for development of the ‘Cartmel Masterplan’, a backstory developed with other writers that restored some of the mystery of the Doctor’s background and could have explained exactly who he was.  Andrew will join us on Thursday evening in London for a ‘meet and greet’, dinner and Q&A about ‘Doctor Who’.
  • David Howe is a writer, journalist, publisher and media historian.  Since the early 1990’s, he has written in-depth works about the production history of Doctor Who.  He’s also contributed to guide books for each Doctor.  He’s one of the foremost collectors of Doctor Who merchandise in the world, and is currently working to establish a private museum for Doctor Who memorabilia.  David will join us on Thursday evening in London for a ‘meet and greet’, dinner and Q&A about ‘Doctor Who’.
  • Sam Stone is an author of gothic, horror, fantasy, science fiction and more recently a playwright for film and stage.  Sam joins us on Thursday evening in London for a ‘meet and greet’, dinner and Q&A about ‘Doctor Who’.

Your ‘Doctor’s Britain’ accommodations

Ed’s available at 407-900-6936 or info@thedoctorsbritain.com


Cardiff – Radisson Blu Hotel

3 nights – Free daily breakfast, free Wifi

London – The Strand Palace Hotel

3 nights – Free daily breakfast, free Wifi


Your daily activities:

Sunday, May 21

  • Arrive Cardiff
  • Check into Radisson Blu hotel.
  • Pick up your goodies packet, including monogrammed ‘Doctors Britain’ messenger bag, T shirt and other goodies.
  • Afternoon sightseeing on your own.  You’ll be provided with a “hop on/hop off” bus pass which you can utilize at any point during the Cardiff portion of the trip.  Along with tickets to Cardiff Castle.
  • 6PM – Orientation meeting
  • 7PM – Welcome dinner at the hotel with our Special Guest – Jamie McCrimmon, Frazer Hines!!!  Perhaps some Welsh wine tasting?


Monday, May 22

  • Visit ‘The Doctor Who Experience’ with special guest Frazer Hines!  Frazer will be along to tell stories, pose for pics and generally be the all around fun guy that he is!

  • Cardiff sightseeing on your own
  • If available, we MAY be able to visit the actual set where Doctor Who is filmed.


Tuesday, May 23 – Cardiff Doctor Who walking tour & bus tour.  You’ll see:

  • Over THIRTY film locations from 20+ episodes
  • Amy Pond’s village
  • Sites from ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and sites from spin offs Torchwood, ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ and Class.
  • Eddie’s Diner from ‘The Impossible Astronaut’
  • Farmingham village
  • Coal Hill School
  • The Bay
  • Natural History Museum
  • Areas of Cardiff Castle used for Doctor Who, including a 30 minute walk around the Medieval and Victorian areas of the castle including the TARDIS library, scenes from the episode ‘Rebel Flesh’, plus Torchwood and Sherlock.
  • Cardiff City Centre walk around, including the location of Danny Pink’s death from Series 8, the National Museum of Wales (which has hosted many scenes from the show)
  • The site of Donna Noble’s ill fated wedding
  • Rose Tyler’s workplace
  • Learn how Cardiff has been transformed into 1970’s New York, ancient Pompeii, London and Paris, as well as intergalactic locations


Wednesday, May 24

  • Visit The Doctor Who Experience again with special guest, the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker!  Colin will be available for stories and pictures.  It’s a once in a lifetime chance to visit ‘The Doctor Who Experience’ with one of only 13 men who’ve portrayed ‘The Doctor’.

  • Train to London
  • Check in to the Strand Palace Hotel.  You’ll be provided with an ‘Oyster pass’ which will give you use of the London Tube for Wednesday through Saturday.  We suggest you download ‘The Tube’ app for your smartphone.  It will make getting around London much easier.  
  • Evening: Group journey to the theater to see the play “Seriously Dead” featuring Frazer Hines


Thursday, May 25 – London  

Begin the day with a ‘Doctor Who’ walking tour in London.  This is a 2 1/2 hour walking tour including Doctor Who locations from the past 50+ years.  You’ll see over 15 locations from the show, including sites from such classic series as ‘The Invasion’ and ‘The Talons of Weng Chiang’ through to more recent episodes such as ‘Rose’, ‘The Shakespeare Code’, ‘The Bells of Saint John’ and ‘Death in Heaven’.  

  • You’ll see where the Doctor rode an anti-gravity motorbike up London’s tallest building.
  • Visit the site where the Cybermen invade London in Dark Water and Death in Heaven.
  • Get a picture in front of the ‘London Eye’, or as WE know it “the transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness in ‘Rose’
  • Learn about the Doctor’s adventures in London, plus plenty of other historical facts about the city.
  • You’ll learn HOW the episodes were made, get trivia about Doctor Who and see LOTS of film locations. 
  • In the afternoon, visit ‘The Doctor Who Store’ and museum
  • In the evening, dinner with Andrew Cartmel, David Howe, Sam Stone


Friday, May 26

  • London sightseeing on your own.  You have an oyster pass, so London is your…  (you know….)


Saturday, May 27

  • Departure



Summary – What’s Included:

  • Hotel for six nights, including all taxes and fees.
  • Free Wifi
  • Free breakfast daily
  • Celebrity dinners on Sunday and Thursday nights
  • All tickets for attractions named including tours, oyster pass in London, Doctor Who Experience, etc.
  • Transfer train from Cardiff to London on Wednesday
  • All local transportation

Summary – What’s NOT Included:

  • RT transportation from your home country to Cardiff, then back from London
  • Meals not specifically mentioned
  • Optional sightseeing not affiliated with Doctor Who (other than the oyster pass)



  • $1495.00 per person, based on double occupancy, if booked by February 1st.  (After February 1st, $1695.00 if space available).
  • $250 deposit holds your room!
  • Final payment due by March 21, 2017
  • Deposit link is live HERE.
  • Triple pricing will be available on Thursday, 12/29



  • $250 deposit (per room) is fully refundable through March 21, 2017
  • 35% cancellation penalty if cancelled March 22 through April 21st, 2017
  • No refunds after April 21st, 2017, however if there is a waiting list we will gladly transfer your reservation to the first person on the list.  (This policy also applies to reservations cancelled before April 21st) 


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  • Stay late (details soon)
  • Cardiff tasting tour (details soon)
  • The London Pass (details soon)


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The ULTIMATE Tour for Doctor Who Fans is coming!

NOTE!!!  Due to the POSSIBLE closing of the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ in Cardiff, we are now expediting a trip in May of 2017.  Information will be issued on this trip on Monday, December 26, 2016 to members of our mailing list first.  If you’d like to get this information, then please join the mailing list …

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