The ULTIMATE Tour for Doctor Who Fans is coming!

NOTE!!!  Due to the POSSIBLE closing of the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ in Cardiff, we are now expediting a trip in May of 2017.  Information will be issued on this trip on Monday, December 26, 2016 to members of our mailing list first.  If you’d like to get this information, then please join the mailing list on the right column NOW!!   Information will go the mailing list BEFORE the website itself is updated.

A series of tours starting in 2017 that will take you to London & Cardiff, Wales.  

Seven nights, tour includes:

  • Lodging in both London & Cardiff

  • Airport transfers 

  • Welcome party

  • Train transportation between London & Cardiff

  • Tube transportation while in London

  • Red Bus pass while in London

  • All walking tours and Doctor Who specific tour tickets

  • SPECIAL DOCTOR SHOW RELATED GUESTS!!!  (You’ll be surprised)

  • Many more items to be added 

Enhanced website and pricing coming, spring 2017!  These trips will be limited in number per excursion.  Mailing list members will get first priority toward booking.





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