About & FAQ


The Doctor’s Britain tour came about from an idea to combine “all things Whovian” into a tour that would take fans to not only Cardiff, Wales, home of the Doctor Who Experience, but to other sites as well.

The trip incorporates various Doctor Who related celebrities as your hosts, including the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker on the inaugural TDB, as well as perennial fan favorite, Frazer Hines, *Jamie from the 60’s), who still holds the record for more episodes by a companion than any other. 

When it was announced in 2016 that the Doctor Who Experience might close, these trips, which had been planned for 2018 and beyond were expedited so that fans wouldn’t miss out on visiting.

The trips will incorporate not only the ‘Experience’, but various walking and bus tours, plus special guests who will “come along for the ride”, entertain AND educate us!

Operators of ‘The Doctors Britain’ tours have an extensive background in group travel, AND Doctor Who, and operate cons in America, including ConGT and Smoky Mountain Who

These tours quite possibly be the last chance for fans to visit the Doctor Who Experience.  Tours are limited in the number of people who could be served.



What is NOT included in the package?

  • Transportation to the UK (if required)
  • Transfers to the Radisson Blu in Cardiff (If you’re flying into London, you can take the train from Heathrow to Cardiff.  Tickets available here)
  • Assorted meals during the trip.  (Breakfast each morning provided, two dinners provided)
  • Transfers from the Strand Palace to your departure airport or other venue

Are we allowed photographs and autographs with our special guests?

  • By contract, you are allowed to take photographs with our special guests.  Autographs are not included in this package.  Guests may have photos or periodicals for sale.  These items, as well as autographs for them are optional.

Do we have time for sightseeing other than Doctor Who?

  • Yes!   As part of your package, you’ll receive a “hop on-hop off” bus pass, as well as tickets to Cardiff Castle.  Plus, the hotel is in Cardiff Centre, so there are plenty of other items to see.  In London, you’ll have an ‘oyster pass’, which gives you four days of passage on ‘The Tube’.  Friday is designated for sightseeing “on your own”.

What if I need a roommate?  

  • I don’t mind putting out a blanket email to those on the list to see if anyone is up to sharing a room.  I’ll connect you, but you have to work it out, and I take no responsibility for ‘non compatibility’ on the trip!  🙂

Why are triples limited? 

  • Hotel rooms in the UK run traditionally smaller than those in other countries.  If you book a triple, you should be aware spacing may be tight. 

You say the trip is limited.  What does that mean?

  • At present, we have 15 rooms reserved for this trip.  Should it sell out, the trip may be expanded, based on availability, but there is no guarantee.  If it does expand, we might have to seek rooms in other venues.

When does this offer become available to the general public?

  • If you are reading this, you are probably a member of our email list, or received the information from someone who is.  This part of the website (and bookings), will open to the general public on Tuesday evening, January 3, 2017. 

What’s the best option for getting to Britain and between cities?

  • This will totally be up to you, but a good option would be to fly into Heathrow, then take the bus or train to Cardiff.  I’m sure there will be lots of discussions and comparisons on how this will be handled individuall.

What if the BBC announces a closing date before this trip date?

  • Should the BBC announce they are closing the Doctor Who Experience before the scheduled dates of this trip, we will attempt to schedule the trip earlier to beat the deadline.  Should you not be able to attend during those dates, money already paid will be refunded.  (We really don’t expect a closing before this date)

What if the BBC announces the Doctor Who Experience isn’t closing after all?

  • Trip proceeds as planned.  

What about that ‘autograph show’ you talked about in the video?